Speedymason composite thin brick and stone lath panels are made and manufactured in Sparta, Wisconsin.  This made in the USA product provides DIY and contractors a great time saving advantage over any other product in the industry. 

Speedymason was invented by Shane Calmes and was brought to market in 2016 after years of research and development.  Shane saw a trend in the market where more and more thin brick was being installed on existing buildings and post applied applications.  Many thin brick systems are difficult to use. In response, Shane came up with a panel that is easy to handle, easy to install and opens up the market for installers because of ease of use. 


Speedymason Brick Lath was the first product brought to market.  Shortly after, Stone Lath was introduced and then came along Speedymason Peel n’ Stick.  All 3 panels are now distributed across the United States and Canada. 

With the unique design, installation of thin brick and stone can be done by just about anyone. We invite you to experience the thin brick revolution!