Can Peel n’ Stick be used for exterior application?

No, the Peel n’ Stick is for interior use only. For an exterior application, use Speedymason Brick Lath with a polymer modified mortar for the bed mortar.

What kind of fasteners should be used?

For exterior it is required to use a stainless steel, ring shanked roofing nail or a coated screw.

For interior application, use an interior drywall screw.

What is Speedymason made of?

Speedymason is a composite panel made of polypropylene and fiberglass.

What is the warranty?

Speedymason has a 50 year panel warranty. The panel will not corrode or rust and will not pull off the wall.

Has Speedymason been tested?

Yes, Speedymason has been tested by a third party and our testing reports are downloadable here (Supply link)

What is the fire rating of Speedymason?

Speedymason is a class A fire rating when covered with mortar and thin brick. Check out our testing results here (supply link)

How is drainage addressed?

Speedymason has built in dimples on the back side of the panel to address condensation and moisture.

For exterior applications, a built in rain screen is an option for areas where 6mm of rain screen is required. Check local building codes for recommendations.

What is the sheathing needed behind Speedymason?

For exterior application, a 5/8” OSB or Plywood exterior grade sheathing is required.

For interior applications, Speedymason can be installed over sheetrock.

Where can I find details for Speedymason?

All of the Speedymason details can be found on our detail page for all of our products here (supply link)

Where can I purchase Speedymason?

Speedymason is available through our vast distributor network.