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Aloft Hotel - West Chester, Ohio

Key Players:

Architect – HiFive & Base 4 Architects

Builder – HiFive

Mason/Brick Installer – Abel Masonry

Distributor – Reading Rock

Product – Speedymason Brick Lath & Stone Lath

Thin Brick Breakdown: 

Brick supplied by Summitville Brick

Savannah Crème/White 19,894 square feet (136,470 thin Brick)

Stone – Prestige Portland Some Old Country Ledgestone 7,400 square feet

The beautiful Aloft Hotel located in West Chester Ohio is the latest in modern hospitality. This 4-story building features manufactured stone, wrapping the main floor and transitions into nearly 20,000 square feet of thin brick for the top 3 stories. Because of the unique design with Speedymason Stone and Brick Lath, the water plain behind the panel, allows moisture to weep out at the bottom, eliminating flashing between manufactured stone and thin brick.

This project was originally specified with traditional scratch and lath, however the mason contractor, knowing the labor saving advantages with Speedymason, introduced the product and installed it. The mason contractor finished weeks ahead of schedule using Speedymason and they were thrilled with the performance.

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