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Buck & Honey’s – Madison WI

Key Players:

Architect – JLA Architect

Builder – McGann / Finish Line

Mason – Rural Masonry / Finish Line Construction

Distributor – United Brick & Fireplace

Product – Speedymason Interior

Thin Brick Breakdown: 

Gen Gery Silverbrook White/Black

1,500 square feet (10,290 thin brick)

The montra at Buck & Honey’s is, “Celebrating a Simpler Time”, and the décor is historically themed – including a cozy copper and stone bar. This 180 seat family oriented vanue is great for private events and parties. This new build project used the Speedymoson Interior Peel n’ Stick product and saved the installer not hours, but days on site. The interior Peel n’ Stick from Speedymason eliminates wire mesh and scratch coat making for a faster application and less cleanup. After the thin brick are bagged in, it takes over 150 pounds per brick to pull out the brick. Once the thin brick is on the wall, it is not coming off.

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