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Hilton Tru - Florence, Kentucky

Key Players:

Architect - Phoenix Architecture

Brick Supplier - Summitville and Endicott

Mason/Brick Installer - A Jacob Masonry Builder DAG

Distributor - Reading Rock

Product - Speedymason Brick Lath

Thin Brick Breakdown: 

Summitville - Williamstown, Savanah and Valley Forge

Endicott – Manganese Ironspot, Dark Sandstone, Light Sandstone, Executive Ironspot

Square footage of brick supplied 21,500 SF (96,750 Utility Brick)

Tru by Hilton is a game-changing hotel brand with 100 open locations across North America where guests don’t have to compromise for a consistent, fun and affordable hotel stay. This beautiful hotel is wrapped with a variety of thin brick, placed on the Speedymason Brick Lath Panel system. The Speedymason Brick Lath, full bed mortar system, adds strength to the wall system assembly. Speedymason Brick Lath saved the contractor time on installation as well. Not only does the Speedymason Brick Lath have built in guides for keeping brick level, it also has built in water management behind the panel.

This project was originally specified with a metal panel system but it was changed to Speedymason Brick Lath. The material cost initially was over budget, but after switching to Speedymason Brick Lath, the contractor was able to save about half the price of the metal system and they were able to use the same techniques when installing the thin brick with a full bed mortar behind the brick. The mason contractor finished ahead of schedule and they became believers in the Speedymason System.

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