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Residential Home with Thin Brick

Key Players:

Architect - Plan # W-Bing-377 (The Altamont)

Contractor - Hunt Builders

Mason Contractor - G&G Masonry

Installation Product - Speedymason Exterior Brick Lath

Grout Method - Traditional

Thin Brick Breakdown: 

Onslow, modular size by Palmetto Brick Company

I really wanted a brick house and not a brick and something else in the gable ends and thankfully with your product (Speedymason) I was able to get what I wanted. I ended up having the contractor have his guys install the panels and I rented a man lift and did the job myself with a helper. And I am no mason, but I have put down some tile a couple times. Thanks for providing a product, without which, I would have not even attempted to do this and settled for some other material in the gable ends.

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