Interior – Peel and Stick Brick Lath or Stone Lath

The Peel and Stick system for interior application is perfect for any contractor or do-it-yourselfer. Choose our Peel and Stick Brick Lath or Stone Lath. Our Peel and Stick Speedy Panel will work with virtually any brick on the market and allows you to customize your wall in any color or pattern you wish. Simply mount our panel, peel back the protective film and stick your cleaned brick on the panel. Once grouted you have a beautiful brick wall you did yourself. Your imagination is the limit. Our Stone Lath is the perfect substrate for your thin stone project, replacing your typical scratch and wire lath installation. Experience the Thin Brick Revolution today!

3 Simple Steps for Interior Installation

Exterior – Speedymason Brick/Stone Lath

Speedymason Brick/Stone Lath is a full mortar bed panel system for installing thin masonry on residential and commercial remodeling and new construction projects. Using Speedymason on your project gives you a full brick look for a fraction of the cost. When using Speedymason, there is no need for lintels or a brick ledge saving you time and money. Our built in guides make installation fast and reduces labor in the field. Experience the Thin Brick Revolution today!

6 Simple Steps for Exterior Installation

The Benefits of Speedymason

Ease of installation, reduction in labor cost and materials – Find out more benefits to using our system.


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Home Owners

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