About Speedymason

About Speedymason

Speedymason is a lath system for installing thin masonry or stone on residential and commercial remodeling and new construction projects.

Speedymason Brick Lath can be used for interior and exterior thin brick applications.  Speedymason is constructed of high grade fiber composite material to provide durability and strength along with water resistant qualities.

Speedymason is made and manufactured in Sparta Wisconsin.  This made in the USA product provides DIY and contractors a great time saving advantage over any other product in the industry.  Because of the unique design, installation of thin brick and stone can be done by just about anyone, and will truly revolutionize the masonry industry.

Features & Benefits

Full mortar bed mechanically locks around Speedymason and Thin Brick

Material will never corrode or rust

No weep system needed behind Speedymason

High fastener pull-through strength when using nails or screws

Reduces footing and lintel requirements

Reduces labor cost

Meters mortar throughout panel

Once first panel is level, no need to run string lines

Patent pending brick seat for each row of brick

Most tools needed are tools in your collection already